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Returning from Europe to the Dominician Republic

It was great to visit Europe this time. We took a different route  since we were on our own. We left Santiago, Dominican Republic and had to stay at the Miami Airport for 7 hours. This ended up actually quite nice. One can actually do shopping there! This was new. Maybe I just never really looked, but with all that time to kill I discovered quite a few really nice gifts to take to my family. Then we went on British Airways to London. At first it felt like we arrived at a refugee camp. Lots of people, kids, package lost, quite a bit of chaos. I promised myself never to do that again and next time fly direct to visit my family. But after we finally were put on the next plane to Vienna-we missed the first connection-we got to experience the nicer side of Heathrow Airport. I really enjoyed it there; enjoying coffee at the very nice place, great service. Enjoyed talking to all kinds of people there. My mood completely changed and I am glad now to have gone through Heathrow. After arriving in Vienna we needed to figure out how to get on the right train to take us to Linz. There is a train station directly at the airport. So outside customs was the ticket office and the train tracks just a few steps down. Surprisingly everything went very smoothly and we enjoyed the train ride from Vienna to Linz a lot. We went on “Rail-Jet” which had free Wi-Fi, charging stations for our phones and very nice passengers, who helped us with anything like how the reservation system works. We were nervous about how to connect with our Family. But with WhatsUp everything was fine. We found that there was free Wi-Fi just about everywhere. All of that was new to me since it had been quite a few years since I visited last.



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