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Returning from Europe to the Dominican Republic; Part 2

Obviously there is a huge difference in culture. Even so my husband who was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and I who was born in Austria have been married for over 30 years-I have never really noticed the difference in our cultures since we both lived in the United States. But now we are living in the Dominican Republic – we both notice the difference in our cultures. The biggest difference I see is that the German-Austrian culture is very exact; everything has to be organized, planned in advance; everything has to be just so. Everything is very clean. That is the good part. The bad part is – people myself included here can be very impatient, get upset easily when things are out of order.

I find that when I am with folks from South America or the Caribbean I feel the warmth of their hearts. I feel completely at home even with complete strangers whom I may have just met. For me this is just amazing! That is the good part. The other side of the coin here is, since people are so accepting – things don’t improve and that can cause real suffering. So part of me really wants to stay in the Dominican Republic and part of me wants to go back to the States. I don’t feel I would want to go back to Europe to live there. So I believe as long as my health allows I will be traveling back and forth – America, Europe and the Dominican Republic. My husband wants to stay in the DR and most likely that is where we will live for the rest of our lives.

A friend of ours from the US asked us recently about how life is in the DR. The answer is like everywhere else – it depends WHERE you live. My husband and I are living in Santiago which is surrounded my mountains. We never have to worry about hurricanes here. It is only half an hour away from the beautiful beach of Sosua. The area of Samana is also a very beautiful place to visit.

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