Trip to Europe

Visiting Austria – Part I

The City of Linz where I was born

When I left many years ago, Linz was just an industrial city – very different. Now it has become a cultural center. To be honest when I was told and also read about how Linz has become a cultural center, I did not believe it.  My sisters told me about the new Music theater which attracts world famous musicians with its excellent acoustic. Tickets are sold out for many months ahead. So next time we will need to some really good planning. I have to go to one of these concerts.

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What we saw – Mariendom or Neuer Dom – incredibly beautiful makes me want to come back soon and just visit all these beautiful churches which have been kept up with so much care over the years. I really loved  visiting this church – it is still a church not just a tourist attraction. I could have stayed there for hours – taking it all in. The spiritual atmosphere there and the external beauty of this Dom. I will come back and take more time to truly enjoy what this city of Linz has to offer. You can find an amazing Foto-Gallerie on google – “Mariendom Linz”.




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