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A New Experience of Disney World

I just spent three weeks with our family in Miami. Two weeks on my own with Dog, Cat and Fish to take care of while my son and his girlfriend took of for an exciting road trip to Washington DC, Virginia and Tennessee having the time of their life. Then we went to Orlando to celebrate the 3rd Birthday of our first granddaughter Lily. We made it a family celebration. And a celebration it was. Mainly because of our little girl. Us adults got tired, hot, tired of waiting in the long lines in the sun but not our granddaughter. It was a delight to watch her. Our four kids grew up with quite a few Disney Trips and so we shared some very fond memories. I could not help though to wonder what is it really that makes people come to Disney which is usually quite overcrowded, costs a fortune for people like us. Is it real happiness that Disney manages to sell and makes us come back again and again. I have to admit I admire the actors in the Magic Kingdom; how they are able to engage these kids. Watching the crowds – all colors, ages, races patiently waiting in lines; starting conversations and so make the wait times seem rather short. I thought the last time I went to Disney, that is was my last time. But now I am excited all over again. For one I experience it through my granddaughters delight and simply enjoying being with the whole family and the community as a whole. I am now sorting through all the pictures of only two days and I realize now even more what a precious time we all had together with many lasting memories.

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