The Coffee cup

The Coffee Cup

       My coffee cups are very special to me. For some reason as soon as I pour my morning coffee and start drinking my coffee I feel different. Wonderful memories are flooding me,  ideas of what things I want to do, or do differently.

       Interestingly it has to be the same coffee cup. This moments don’t happen if I use some one else’s cup. I used to use the same small coffee cup for many years until it became simply unusable. It had been washed too many times. So I decided to ceremoniously depart from it.

      It then got replaced by a special red color mug until we moved from Miami to the Dominican Republic. It was hard for me to leave it behind. I could of course have it taken with me, but somehow it ended up in the cupboard of one of my kids and the story continues with her.

      Now I found my new special coffee cup. Just looking at it makes me happy–the coffee tastes much better too.  It has moon flowers on one side and cornflowers on the other. I remember these flowers growing  in the cornfields when I was growing up in Austria. So this cup is a great meditation tool – setting me back to a time in my life when I was truly happy.

Maria De La Rosa



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