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Emotional Roller coaster


For the last few weeks I experienced an emotional roller coaster like never before. First the midterm elections than the migration caravan. I have never bothered much with midterm elections. They usually had pretty much a predictable outcome. But this time it would be different. A lot was at stake. But most if all–could we as the american people–trust the election process??

Emotions are running high. I never thought I would feel such intense emotions within me. It was downright scary. We can’t trust the news on either side. I kept checking all the news channels I could think of. It was hopeless to find any real information.

Then I started to think–how can we as a nation turn from this precarious situation and find real solutions?

I came across the new book by Michelle Obama “Becoming Me”. My first reaction was, “no way” I am not going to read it. I am republican, besides I never read any of the First Ladies’ or President’s books. But for some reason I kept looking at the cover picture. I have to admit I like this picture of Michelle. She appears more friendly. Then I decided to read the sample on Kindle to see if I liked her writing. The writing of her story appeared sincere and interesting.

I decided to turn from all the prejudices in my own heart and get to know her as a person. I am looking forward to reading the book. I hope we as Americans can take responsibility and make our nation great again. The world is still looking to America for being a Beacon of Hope.

Today we celebrate Thanksgiving. Let’s remember what made this nation great and return to our roots. Let’s bring our nation back to God.


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