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Re-discover our sense of purpose


I remember the days in my childhood (I was born in Austria) when I woke up with a sense of excitement– I couldn’t wait to get to school-especially on days when we had a test. I enjoyed my school-days. 

     School for me was fascinating; learning new thing–this is all I ever wanted to do and to this day I am blessed with a boundless curiosity. Now with the Internet the possibilities are endless. My challenge is now to keep focused and find a purpose–my purpose and channel all my efforts to achieving that purpose.

      Looking back I remember I wanted to have 20 different careers, not jobs, but careers! I felt that sense of restlessness, urgency because I felt my life would not be long enough to do all I wanted to do. So how could I decide my priorities?

       My youngest daughter is facing the same challenge. Of all the possibilities, things she truly cares about–which one should she choose? On the contrary my son Peter is very clear about his path. 

     Now I am coming closer to the age of 70. I have to admit that there were times when I thought maybe it’s time to end my life. Over medicate?? It seemed  my life as I knew it was gone. We husband and I built a successful business. We raised four wonderful children and had an exciting and fulfilling life.

     One day everything changed. Our lives took a different turn. With the arrival of the internet almost all industries and businesses went through a major turmoil and had to undergo drastic changes in order to survive

     Before all these changes took place I had confidence in myself. I could figure things out, could do anything I really set my mind to. But that confidence was gone. I felt completely lost in this strange new world.        

       I remember when Amazon was just one of the many internet start ups. For some reason this company not only survived but as everyone knows now they are the most successful company and the founder and owner of Amazon– Jeff Bezos– became the richest man in the world. How did that happen in such a short time? 

I resisted these changes for a long time and finally realized that I needed to adapt to these changes whether I liked it or not if I wanted to remain functioning in our society. Once I made up my mind to accept and adapt to these changes, I new world opened for me.

     My curiosity and confidence have returned. How difficult it was to open my mind to the new possibilities. I still get intimidated at times but now I  recover quickly. 

     I am happy to say that I have found my way back and now I enjoy looking back and observe how I have lived through so many changes! It is quite fascinating to think about that.

     As older people we cannot expect or children or grandchildren to make us happy.. We are here for them but they have their own lives and live in different places.

     It makes our kids happy to know, that we their parents are doing fine, we have a purpose besides being parents. When we come together for the Holidays it is always a wonderful event which provides us with many happy memories!

    We are developing different interests and are happy! It is  easy to fall into the trap of complaining, looking too much to the past and get depressed because life as we knew it does not exist any longer.

     Now we have accepted that reality and learned to live with it. And in the process of doing that we have discovered a new life full of wonders as well as new challenges. Yes we also see that the world faces a lot of problems as it always did.

     It still is sometimes hard to trust that the challenges the world is facing today will be overcome and our next generations will have a great meaningful life! I want our children to learn emotional fortitude, finding their purpose and not have any regrets at the end of their lives.

Maria De La Rosa


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