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European Elections – Why does it matter to us in the US

    First we are in a Global Economy – environment. It is quite fascinating to follow all these changes worldwide.

    When I grew up in Austria in the 50’s – I remember I never saw or met anyone from a different country, culture, skin color. Except there was one black man in our town. I saw him every day. But I never talked to him. Of course I did not dare to talk to any stranger. We all – kids after school-would just stand there and stare at him. That was the extent of my exposure to any living being from a different country, race or culture.

    Today it is quite different – just like in the US – Europe has become a melting pot of different peoples-mostly from the African continent and the Arab world.

When I visited my country Austria with my Family last year I was in for a surprise. I don’t get to visit my country too often and to be honest, even after 10 years things don’t change that much. But last year was very different. I had to use a taxi a few times – NO UBER – even though we asked for one on the app. – but no one ever showed up! Even in a major city such as Linz.

My experience with using taxis was quite interesting in a nice way. Every time I used a taxi – the driver was from a different country like Afghanistan, different countries from Africa and they all spoke fluent German! Of course I asked them all kinds of questions – such as how long have they been in the country, about their families and what their experience has been living in a country with a completely different culture. Usually these were nice and very interesting conversations.

Linz - Streetcars

     I know and I have met a lot of people in Germany, Austria, and England who are more than willing to help anyone in need. But what really gets to me is how decisions are made at the government level. The same in the US with people migrating illegally. What are these people (mostly democrats or leftists) thinking; to have masses of people coming and at the same time taking  jobs out of the US and Europe-moving them to third world countries? And not putting any infrastructure in place to do everything possible to integrate people. I have seen when there is legal well organized migration; things take a different direction. Most people want to help whether they are from a “rich country” or the country they are leaving behind. Most people want to take their share of responsibility if given a chance. 

        Now you have a lot of these migrants uprooted from their country with no means to return to their country, no jobs, education, and too many of them living in tents in deplorable conditions. It seems to me that too many politicians and lawmakers are not even thinking of the consequences of their decisions and just leave it to the people on the ground such as schools, hospitals, law enforcement etc. deal with the reality and consequences of their decisions.

refugee camp in Bavaria, Germany

More and more refugee camps are being established. People have no idea when they leave their country what is ahead of them. I guess when one is faced with a dire situation, any change is better than what they are facing at the moment. But once people arrive they realize that the new situation they are finding themselves in is worse than the one they left behind.

I find a lot of similarities between what is happening in Europe and in the States. And it has to do with Globalism. Thankfully more and more countries are turning away from that and more to the right.  I hope that the newly elected European Parliamentarians will have the courage to act on what is in the best interest for everyone. We do know what is best, but too many times forces which are not in touch with what is happening in people’s lives and could not care less – have the upper hand in decision making.

A good example is what just happened in my country of Birth – Austria. What in the world ?!

I know we the common people usually just think – well what can we do? So, lets get educated. So much information is available. Yes it takes time and energy to sift through so much information and so much of it is not based on facts. But if everyone of us instead of feeling powerless and frustrated decides to really do what we can, we will be surprised at what opportunities will present themselves to us.

Maria De La Rosa






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