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How to keep your emotional equilibrium  – when….

  1. Have a specific goal. What can I learn ? How can I improve ? If nothing else works – we can focus on what we can control. I have worked very hard on that and it helps me tremendously. At the end of the day – at least I know I made progress. I made it from point E to point G or H. I would never know and just cave in to frustration if I had not established a specific time frame for my goals.

  2. Have a reading list – for very specific topics – what you expect to get from certain books. This has been a saving lifeline many times.

  3. Meditate – take short but meaningful breaks throughout the day. Stretching; deep breathing, listen to inspiring music – always have a playlist ready. Make it a regular habit. If you wait until you are in a hole it will be more difficult to get back on track.

  4. Discipline – My greatest challenge is to remain focused. I get very easily distracted especially when I am working on something that is more challenging. Any interruption serves as an excuse. (it seems like — right then I remember all sorts of things that need to get done.) So I use a timer – within a particular hour NOTHING else will be done, checked on or thought of – except focusing on this task. This has proven to be very effective. I can always do this for at least an hour. Then I take a break. This helps to feel that I am making progress. One step at a time.

  5. Self awareness – what makes me walk to the refrigerator? Hunger? Being nervous, bored, confused etc. having a specific time for what to do when helps. This way I find myself looking forward to the next task or break. I enjoy myself following a plan; changing it if it does not really work. I like the feeling of being in control of my life and yet still have enough time left to take care of myself, cultivate relationships with my family and friends.

  6. Habits -Gradually — doing this over time will form HABITS. And once something is a habit, it will become almost effortless. And we will be able to enjoy what we have dreaded — not so long ago . HABITS whether good or bad are very powerful. Obviously good habits will have different results than the bad ones. Just imagine the empowerment and freedom you will feel, once you get to this point!

Conclusion: Focusing on just a few hours a day which cover the most important tasks, treat these hours – for me three hours – with an uncompromising focus will give us a lot time we can enjoy taking care of ourselves, family, friends without feeling guilty because we know we are doing what we need to do. It is very liberating!! Not too long ago I faced a real challenge — no matter what I did I could not concentrate because constantly I had these annoying interrupting thoughts — I should be doing something else. It was really bad. Now this no longer happens and my days bringing me a lot of fulfillment and joy!

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