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How this book helped me to live a happier and more productive life …

The book “Survival Guide for Empaths” by Judy Orloff

Over the years I have read quite a few publications in hope of finding solutions for my predicament. Some I found too complicated (science does that) – or too spiritual for me to.

I had my first experience with meditation, when one day after an emotionally draining morning I had no energy left to do anything but just plop myself on my favorite chair – I closed my eyes and imagined all my frustrations, anxieties going down to the bottom of the ocean. I kept doing this until I noticed I felt happy, energetic and full of fresh ideas. I got up and the rest of the day was simply amazing! I kept up with this simple practice for quite a while. But eventually for whatever reason I stopped doing that. No I am more aware and I make sure to keep up with it. But still I sometimes forget until I am faced with a very unpleasant state of mind.

I didn’t even know that my particular issue or problem actually had a name. I kept reading ÷ searching for a better solution. I desperately tried to figure out WHY I felt like that for a big part of my life–craving a solution to finally be able to function normally.

What is an Empath ?


“Self-awareness is liberating. No shame, no blame. Becoming aware of your addictive tendencies, you’re gaining an understanding of how to cope with your empathic sensitivities. Now you can more productively deal with them. If you discover that you are using addictions to manage the sensory overload of being an empath, there are actions you can take to heal yourself.”


“It’s crucial to realize that nothing on the outside — no substance, person, job, or amount of money — can ultimately make you feel comfortable with yourself and your sensitivities.Happiness is an inside job. Your must learn to know, love and accept yourself.The more you run from your sensitivities, the more uncomfortable you will be. Being in a Twelve-Step Program has been invaluable in reinforcing the power of this truth over and over again in my life.”


“Let’s say your mother, child or anybody that is important to you criticizes you and the hurt is intense. Or perhaps you’re trapped in a group of energy vampires at work or overwhelmed by too much talking, light, or noise. In any of these scenarios, you just want relief. Instead of turning to a bottle of wine, a chocolate cake, etc. you can connect with a higher power to soothe your anxieties. Turning to our higher power calms us when we can’t calm ourselves. It shifts us out of fear and into love. It brings us back to our heart, instead of leaving us spinning in a frenzy of agitation and worry.”


I selected a few excerpts from this book because this information was new to me and made a lot of sense.

Other parts of the book were repetitive. But I suppose it depends who is reading the book and what resonates with the reader.

My takeaway is: I am not the only one who experiences this type of difficulties. I am practicing much of the advice given already. But a few points on how to keep myself balanced and happier are new and I am looking forward to apply them in my life.

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