What is the Purpose of Religion in Today’s World? Is religion still relevant?

Science and Religion

  1. Major advances in the last two decades;    AI (Artificial Intelligence) Psychology, Technology – 
  2. Changes have taken place so rapidly – many people feel lost and left behind – anxiety, confusion, no sense of purpose or clarity
  3. What is the purpose of religion
  4. Where are we? Where are we heading?

Science and Religion in my experience are coming closer together. There is a better understanding and more acceptance among the different religions. More than ever is it important that anyone who believes in a higher Power will seek to enter into a personal relationship with the living God who is the source of Peace, Joy, Love and Freedom.

Once that happens all problems can and will be solved. Once humanity has a genuine relationship with the creator – all the negative elements such as fear, arrogance, envy, jealousy, hatred will simply be eradicated. (Author’s personal experience)

Even as the external world has made rapid advances in the last decades – has this been for the betterment of mankind or are we destroying our planet earth? 

It is clear– the role of religion is more important and more urgent than ever. The role of religion is to awaken the conscience of man.

The solution here is simple but not easy — study God’s word with utmost sincerity – every day – it doesn’t matter for how long and which text one chooses. But it must be consistent every day and with a sincere attitude in order for change to take place. Actually I am talking about transformation here. Once we are transformed we will naturally think, feel and act the right way. It will be in fact effortless! — But again I must emphasize we need to stay connected to that source of goodness — by studying God’s Word. Just like the physical nourishment–if we don’t nourish ourselves we will die.

We are living in a mostly negative environment and the only way to get rid of all that junk, debris in our minds is to fill it with God’s truth. I have experienced that over and over again and heard many stories from people who were able to overcome anything! We cannot change by ourselves.-Studying-not just casually reading but truly ingest and digest God’s Word word. ANYTHING can be overcome; any kind of addiction. All the 12 step programs for different addictions will attest to that.

Anyone regardless of background, religion or any other belief and education can enter this personal relationship with God.

Below is a quote from one of the best known scientists:

How can we enter into this personal relationship with the Living God?

Study God’s Word with utmost sincerity. It is important to really study the word, not just to read, but study–think about it, apply it in daily life. — in short – digest it!

What are the obstacles and how can we remove them?

I just finished reading the OT from beginning to end: It is not easy to understand or to even read.

But I found one common thread throughout: God is desperately looking for man whom he created. He is ready to forgive once his people turn from their wicked ways and LISTEN to his prophets. It is very relevant in our modern time. When people are in trouble and in need they will turn to God. As soon as they have what they need or want – they turn from God again and again. This same sorry story keeps repeating. 

And that is exactly my problem as well. More than anything I want to change that and become consistent in my attendance to God. It is so much easier to turn and to relate to God in difficult times than it is when things go well and we fall back to our tendencies of being self centered and arrogant –  thinking we don’t need God. 

Of course there have been  many believers throughout history who had this personal connection with God throughout their lives.

Below is a quote I read many years ago and it has been my guide and motivation to stay on track:

“When we grow closer to God, we come closer to the Abel position and we find ourselves feeling happy. But when we become drawn in Cain’s direction by the satanic domain, we feel sadness. 

Because of this dynamic of the Cain and Abel relationship there has been a constant fluctuation of joy and sadness since the beginning of human history.

Without knowing this point, happiness and sadness in our daily lives is simply a matter of whether we gain or lose some benefit. But absolutely happiness and sadness are determined by the Cain and Abel dynamic. When you move forward towards the position of goodness, you move one step closer to God. But if you retreat from God, sadness comes into your heart according to the degree of distance you retreat from God.

 Rev. Sun Myung Moon


Through studying God’s Word our conscience will be activated and through acting according to our conscience we will be coming closer to God. How we do know that we are in God’s presence? We will feel completely at home no matter where we are and what our circumstances may be. We will feel God’s embrace! His peace and joy. We feel connected with people around us and nature. There are many examples – from my own experiences and accounts of others. — One in particular has touched me very deeply.The book “Left to Tell” written by a survivor of the Rwandan genocide. 

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