How to truly be happy–no matter what our circumstances are

Everyone wants to be happy, wake up each day and be excited, energized–with a purpose!

Imagine — and I promise it does not matter WHAT we do as much as HOW we do what we do–We experience Joy, feel connected to our surroundings; see the beauty in everything; look for the good in everyone — and at the end of the day to see how we feel; amazing! — full of energy, excitement! I had many days like that — but many more where I simply forgot about checking my attitude and be intentional about HOW I lived (or just went through the day more like a robot) and at the end of the day felt miserable and exhausted.

 The Conscience – do we hear this word in schools, homes ?

   When I grew up, living according to one’s conscience was emphasized. I grew up in Austria and it was mandatory to get religious education in school. We were mostly catholic  Very few students were exempt from that class since they were protestant. 

Also my Father–even though he never went to church — emphasized the importance of thinking for myself and follow my conscience. To this day I appreciate his advice and follow it. We did not have rules in my house, which actually bothered me. Somehow I felt I could always circumvent any rule if I did not like it. But I could never ignore my inner voice or conscience. From that experience I came to the conclusion and later in my different jobs, occupations I always say, that laws and rules really don’t help much. If people don’t know or don’t care about right or wrong —

Laws don’t help much — well most lawyers I came across really don’t care much about the law but how they can win! How to advise clients to do what they want to do, whether right or wrong in a legal way!

   At my first job many years ago in Austria – I experienced what can happen when we follow our conscience. Although I was not actually aware that I was doing that, I was still determined to follow my ideals and not allow anyone to change my mind about that. 

It took me a lot of courage and I was well aware of the risk of getting fired. But since in those days it was easy to find a job, I was not too concerned. Besides, I lived with my parents–so I had no worries in regard of finances.

   Then what happened? I never got fired. Instead I earned a lot of respect from my coworkers and bosses.I had a lot of influence in the company. I really enjoyed being in such a position! 

The best compliment I ever got was–when I came back from my 4 week vacation–I was told by my boss, that the sun did not shine while I was out! I had no idea what a difference I made in my environment. This first job has shaped me a lot. I learned a lot. My Boss taught me a lot — and I taught him a lot as well.

   One person can do a lot to influence the environment they are in, or even shape it.

I know it takes a lot of courage in our society today to live according to our conscience. But in the end it leads to a happy life, peace of mind. Once we get into the habit of living a conscientious life, we feel empowered to deal with anything. There will be no room for anxiety, depression and other afflictions which strike so many in our modern time.

   Something really funny happened one time — one of my colleagues told me I had an overactive conscience! Imagine that! However to be honest–for a period in my life I also ignored my conscience and just reacted to the pressures of life. I know I didn’t do anything wrong consciously, but over time my conscience became kind of dull. I basically figured — “I just do my best, that’s all I can do.” However,  more and more I began to make excuses and compromises–too busy, too stressed, overwhelmed etc. 

   After we lost the business we had built for over 20 years, I realized that I did not like myself anymore. It has taken me many years to come to the point that I felt clean inside, happy! I started to live each day more aware, no judgement, just aware; observing my attitude, thoughts. It was very refreshing–it felt like coming out of muddy water into fresh, clean water!

   Living according to one’s conscience and so affecting people around us, in many levels of society is more important than ever — for us on a personal level — for our peace of mind and happiness — and for our world!

Lately I have studied about the conscience. — WHY? How can the problems in this world ever be solved?  One can say that it is the rich and powerful who destroy the planet with their greed which is true. BUT in the end everyone has to take responsibility in their own environment and look what can be done. It is easy to think like myself sometimes — there is nothing I can do to make any difference, therefore I just live for myself and get the most out of life! 

   Fortunately there are many righteous and brave people in this world who truly care and accomplish amazing things! — We don’t hear much about that in the media. But I am encountering more and more such cases — enough to give me hope and to motivate me to take action however small it may be at first.

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