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In a Bubble of Blissful Ignorance

I remember many years ago; I worked in sales in the flower distribution business. Things seemed to be normal — Some areas in the country struggled, and some companies had to close. Then there were other states which appeared to do very well (I remember Texas) 

My life was busy with household, kids, etc., I had no time or interest to listen to the news. Customers were telling me it was slow – they always did — I strategized with them how to increase business. That year I had the best sales result ever!  Then I heard on the news that the recession was officially over. WHAT???  Incredibly I never noticed that there was a recession. I learned an important lesson:  We don’t have to know everything. Many times it is better to be ignorant.

Now during this Coronovirus 19 pandemic  – I am fatigued – I am ready to create a bubble for myself. I no longer need or want to listen to the news. I listened to enough differing opinions to last me for the next few years. I reached the conclusion that the virus will not disappear. We need to learn to deal with it. Just like with any other virus. Using common use — if we can remember we have one — will go a long way. Taking personal responsibility and encouraging others to do the same.

Let’s go back to work, go back to school!  I am in the high risk category. I have traveled during this pandemic to different states –coming back to Miami and continue flying to Santiago, Dominican Republic.  My kids were freaking out. But I and my husband are doing fine. 

We have created our own routine and protocol which we can live with.

I am beginning to wonder as to how long we will be required to wear masks. It seems people are getting now so used to it that wearing a mask becomes a fashionstatement like sunglasses. Well I am fine with it. Wearing a mask doesn’t bother me since I don’t have to work. I keep my outings to a minimum. We go to restaurants which have plenty of outdoor space. Dominican Republic is a great place for that. We avoid the busy times. 

Now back to my bubble. Elections !!! It is increasingly difficult to find out the facts. So much dis-information —  how to sift through it all? I have worked hard to find a few reliable sources of information. I dedicate at least an hour daily to learning new things; learning to understand different viewpoints.

It is so easy to follow opinions (because we like what we hear) However, we better get a grip on reality as it is not as we want it to be. I designate a certain amount of time to deal with this reality as best as I can. The rest I  spend in my “Bubble”. These exercises have proved invaluable for my mental health. I encourage the reader to give it a try.

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